Meet Adrian

Always a hands-on guy, Adrian felt a great deal of passion for building and seeing projects come to fruition. Bringing a logical flare to his work, Adrian knew that by founding a company with his now partners, Adam and Joel, they would be able to turn the stigma of the construction industry on its head and provide, not only a product of quality but also care for people - not sales. In his spare time, Adrian can be found with his family and getting lost in nature mountain biking through Fish Creek park. All the way from England, Adrian is one of the three founders of Unique Projects.

Meet Adam

Lost in the North American cliche', Adam felt that his natural step forward was to attend and graduate from University. Along the way, something was truly missing. Seeing how passionate his parents were about their work, Adam knew that he was meant to do something he wholeheartedly felt passionate about. Testing the waters during a commercial renovation project, he finally found himself swimming in purpose. Adam found his calling which eventually became what - with Adrian and Joel - he calls his home away from home. Adam loves staying active when he's not being the analytical mind in the business and he just celebrated his wedding day to his beautiful wife with friends and family. Adam is one of the three founders of Unique Projects.

Meet Joel

Across the miles, from Hong Kong, Joel is the third founding partner of Unique Projects. Joel jumped on board at the opportunity to partner with his brother Adam and Adrian in what has now become Calgary's true custom renovation company. Joel's strategic contribution comes from his almost daily calls with Adam. He brings an analytical flair to the business and has true business acumen to assist the company in the day to day operations and plans for growth. When he’s not thinking about Unique Projects, Joel is an airline captain who loves spending time in the urban environment of Hong Kong with his wife and baby girl.

Meet Ryan

As our architectural mind, he has been working with Unique Projects since early 2018. Hardworking and extremely personable, he brings an authentic, creative and expert point of view. Whether it be planning or designing, we can count on Ryan's ability to deliver results in helping us bring clients' visions to life. When he's not hard at work, Ryan can be found carving the mountains on his board. As part of our team, Ryan comes with a great deal of experience and industry acumen.

Meet Elliott

Construction was in his blood from a young age. Originally from England, Elliott took his experience and passion for construction and renovation to Canada where he joined the team at Unique Projects to provide a careful eye, a logical mind and a great deal of enthusiasm along the way. He believes that magic can happen when teaming up with the right people who share a great vision. When he's not renovating beautiful homes, Elliott can be found enjoying the great outdoors or spending time with the people in his life who mean the most to him.

Meet Cody

Always intrigued with construction, Cody decided to give it a go in 2018 when with his friend, he found himself working as part of the team at Unique Projects. Cody is extremely punctual and hard working. Enjoying the entire project from start to finish, he truly loves each phase of the renovation and takes great pride in what he does. As a true hands on guy, we can count on him to handle any renovation challenge. When he's not hard at work, Cody can be found working on his house or spending time with friends and family.

Meet Jesse

While Jessie is now one of the most astute minds when it comes to visualizing renovation projects, it wasn't always so seamless for him. Jesse didn't know he would embark in this career until his parents suggested joining a RAP program. It's now been years and he's never looked back. As a true problem solver, Jesse possesses an objective mind to find a solution to any challenge. During the sunny summer days, he can be found in the great outdoors or backpacking through his next adventure, while in winter he can be found boarding on the mountains.

Meet Shane

Spending his younger days in construction with his family, Shane developed a passion for building, renovating and creating with his hands. It became clear as he grew up that his future would be spent remodeling homes. With a great deal of passion for his clients, Shane is known as the personable and dependable guy that clients love. As a true dog lover, he spends a great deal of his time with his pups and seeing his friends.

Meet Dave

With over 20 years of experience in construction, Dave started his journey as an outside service technician. His hands fix just about anything and we count on him to fix what is needed on site to keep the projects moving forward. His drive for taking on new challenges is admirable and he is a great foundation to our team. From motorcycles to skiing downhill, and camping, in his spare time, Dave can be found taking on a new life adventure.

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