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Unique Studio’s vision for working with designers and Architects is to strengthen this relationship to collaborate and work together to see design from all sides. From our experience in the industry, it’s a common response from designers and architects that drawings can be the bottleneck of the process

Our offered support would be to work alongside you and take on this task. This allows you as the designer to free up valuable time for sourcing materials and working on the overall design concept for your projects. When partnering with us for drafting and rendering you can expect to receive our knowledge in construction to help with the complex design solutions.

Our office team has a combined construction background of over 70 years. When talking solutions through with the contractor it can significantly reduce the time in design and take guesswork out of the equation. With our industry leading drafting and rendering software it can be integrated seamlessly to reduce inefficient workflows and saves time during the design process by iterating design options quickly.

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