Unique bungalows

While bungalows may seem old fashioned or even outdated to some, they hold great potential. Mostly built in the 1900's, they often lack open spaces and can seem non-practical. What many people aren't aware of is that bungalows give us the freedom to fully redesign the current floorplan to best match and suit your present and future lifestyle. Turning a cozy space into a beautiful, modernized open space built for the now is what we specialize in at Unique Projects.

We understand spaces, design, and functionality. We can remodel a bungalow into your perfect one floor home leaving you wondering how we are able to add usable squarefootage to your already built home.

Typical Process For Bungalow Renovations

1-2 weeks

Preliminary design & scope

  • Conduct a measured site survey of the space and create a scale as-built floor plan
  • Gather detailed pertinent information about the project
  • Prepare the new layout and floor plan
  • Discuss the new layout and concept design
  • Prepare the concept design and drawings (black and white)
  • Prepare a scoping budget based on the concept and design drawings
  • Present the scoping budget to accompany the concept and design drawings

Detailed design

  • Complete detailed design (selections)
  • Prepare construction drawings and 3D renderings
  • Comprehensive drawing review

2-3 weeks

1-2 weeks

Construction documents

  • Prepare a detailed scope of work and detailed estimate based on the construction drawings and information gathered during our meetings
  • Presentation of the detailed estimate and scope of work to compliment the construction drawings and completed design

Construction begins

In this final phase, we welcome the construction part of our journey together. We thank you for choosing us as your trusted renovation partner; we are excited to begin this project together.


4-5 months

Project completion

  • Renovation walkthrough
  • Delivery of project

How much does a bungalow renovation cost?

A typical bungalow renovation will cost between $250,000 and $350,000 depending on size, complexity and materials selection.

Are you a realtor?

We believe in strategic partnerships and longevity in the relationships we form with our clients. If you are a realtor and have a client who is seeking to add resale value to their current home, we would honor the opportunity to work together in the renovation of their bungalow.

How we add usable squarefootage to your existing bungalow...

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